The redevelopment and upgrading of the SRT headquarters is complete: the production plant is now a research and production centre, at the forefront of developing new technological solutions.


The new manufacturing plant has been redesigned according to the industry 4.0 model, with interconnected, automatised processes, efficient production and high quality and safety standards.

Production systems are interconnected with company information and logistics, to constantly monitor the progress of production and orders. This innovative monitoring system allows company management to set work schedules and make strategic decisions based on key performance indicators.

The SRT industrial site has grown from a total area of ​​13,900 m2 to around 19,000 m2, and from an indoor area of ​​3,100 m2 to 6,950 m2. The onsite spaces have been redesigned and renewed, for expansion that focuses on optimal working conditions and increased output.

The industrial plan implementation has had an important impact on the territory in terms of employment: from the beginning of the work to date there has been an increase in staff of 38% and it is expected that this will reach 50% when the plant is fully operational.

The new production systems are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and workshop equipment, such as a CNC lathe, four-axis machining centres, boring machines, a wheelset bearing mounting and dismounting press, plasma cutting and a bending machine.

All the buildings are now equipped with solar panels for the production of clean energy. There is also a painting plant with the latest generation extraction and filtration system.

Thanks to the construction of this new research and production centre, SRT intends to strengthen its presence on the rolling stock market, establishing itself as a reference point for the railway industry in Italy and abroad.