The Fano production plant

The operational headquarters in Fano is a research and production centre, at the forefront of developing new technological solutions.

The plant has been redesigned according to the industry 4.0 model, with interconnected, automatised processes, efficient production and high quality and safety standards.

Production systems are interconnected with company information and logistics, to constantly monitor the progress of production and orders. This innovative monitoring system allows company management to set work schedules and make strategic decisions based on key performance indicators.

The industrial site covers a total area of 19,900 m2, 6,950 of which are indoors. The onsite spaces have been designed to facilitate production capacity and guarantee optimum working conditions.

The production systems are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and workshop equipment, such as a CNC lathe, four-axis machining centres, boring machines, a wheelset bearing mounting and dismounting press.

The Fano plant is in a strategic logistical position for moving rolling stock, as it has its own railway yard linked to the Adriatic line, with 2,500 m of track (480 of which are indoors) located just 700 m from the RFI (Italian Railway Network) station.

The plant is also equipped with a 200 kWp photovoltaic system, capable of guaranteeing about 80% of the necessary energy, and a plant for the treatment of water from rolling stock washing.

The Schieppe di Terre Roveresche production plant

The plant is located in the industrial area of Schieppe di Terre Roveresche (PU).
This second facility has an indoor area of around 13,000 m2 and is equipped with latest generation machinery.
The Schieppe plant produces components and products for railway machines designed by SRT, that are then assembled at the Fano plant.

The following activities are carried out at the plant:

  • realisation of carpentry artifacts
  • machine tool processing
  • surface treatments (painting and sandblasting)