The concrete dispenser is a motor trolley with a 2.5 m3 hopper and two dispenser outlets. It transports and unloads concrete for the cement platforms of train and underground rail lines.

It has an independent drive powered by a 10 kW diesel engine and can reach a speed of up to 7 km/h on a maximum 40% slope.


Motorised transport and automatic unloading of concrete make work faster and simpler: no need to perform the operations manually.


Optimal, precise concrete casting in any conditions, including at sites with reduced accessibility, like viaducts or tunnels.


Optimal lighting system for maximum operator safety.

CE declaration of conformity.

SRT will commission new rolling stock if a client requests it.

When a vehicle is delivered, a team of specialised technicians will carry out on-site tests to ensure the machine and all its parts work perfectly.

Training can also be provided on correct function and basic maintenance for staff who will use the machine.

SRT offers after-sales assistance on all the vehicles it produces, providing original parts and specialised labour.

A team of skilled technicians, with a fully-equipped mobile workshop, offer rapid, effective service to solve any problem or malfunction.

On request, SRT vehicles can be equipped with a remote monitoring system. This self-powered data transmission system is connected to sensors on the vehicle and monitors the main operating parameters of the machine:

  • position and speed
  • (maximum) braking efficiency
  • component position and number of movements
  • engine conditions
  • operator/driver identification

The advantages and benefits of a remote monitoring system

  • A low-cost way of quickly obtaining information on the state of the vehicle, vital for reducing maintenance time and cost.
  • Knowing the distance the vehicle has travelled, to determine wear and tear on mechanical parts
  • Discovering brake or engine malfunctions
  • Always knowing who is driving the vehicle, to see if there is any correlation between malfunctions and staff conduct
  • Recording machine function parameters to obtain concrete data for future maintenance schedules


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