A new rail grinder for tracks and turnouts with 34 grinding stones, entirely conceived, designed and built at SRT facilities, is now on the market.

Vulcano Heavy 34M, the new rail grinder by SRT, is a new-concept, cutting-edge, high-tech, modular solution: a machine that guarantees maximum productivity in any operating condition, from high-speed to metro lines.

Vulcano Heavy restores the profile of rail tracks and turnouts, an essential activity to eliminate imperfections and defects, increasing the useful life of rails and reducing vibrations and noises to offer greater comfort when travelling.

It is a work site train with a total length of 67.22 meters and a maximum speed of 100 km/h, made up of one to six modular units with a variable number of 22 to 96 grinding stones. The modular nature of Vulcano Heavy offers flexibility, high productivity and considerable energy savings.


The rail grinder, designed and built in compliance with EN reference standards, is directly interconnected with the user’s central operating system according to the Industry 4.0 model. This investment in digitalization of production processes allows real-time, remote analysis of machine performance and maintenance deadlines, in order to plan and assign work strategies. Vulcano Heavy is also equipped with diesel engines that meet the specifications of European Regulation 2016/1628 – STAGE V for exhaust gas emissions, and with systems to collect and dispose of production residues.

The entire design of the machine, from structural and mechanical components to systems and software, took place at SRT plants. The company has an avant-garde in-house design centre and production facilities located in Fano and Sant’Ippolito, with an indoor area of ​​approximately 13,000 m2 and an internal link to the rail network.

During the design and testing phases of the machine, SRT benefitted from the valuable experience of other Salcef Group companies, which allowed it to learn more about the dynamics of the grinding process and led to the study and subsequent implementation of new subsystems tested in the machine itself.

Main features

The rail grinder is characterised by its modularity: it can be configured with 2-4 units by varying the set of grinding stones, according to the specific features of the line and to production needs.

Latest generation, liquid-cooled engines allow high performance to be maintained even at high external temperatures or in long tunnels.

The separate control of each module and distributed traction optimise energy consumption. One, two or three motors can be activated according to the features of the line.

The vehicle has a maximum speed of 100 km/h and its latest generation electro-pneumatic braking system guarantees high braking performance.

Vulcano is equipped with an on-board computer that can be accessed remotely, to analyse machine performance and maintenance deadlines in real time, and to plan work strategies and assign work sets.

The rail grinder features high thermal and acoustic insulation of the work station and driver’s cab, and state-of-the-art air conditioning that keeps the compartment temperature constant, regardless of external weather conditions.

The vehicle is equipped with high-pressure pumps to wet the track and adjacent areas, and to feed forestry fire hoses if needed, in the event of outbreaks.